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Okay, so we wanted to get that ranty blog off the front page... ^^; And Latias-Eevee and I decided on an important change.

We still have the three-per-day rule, so don't worry. We're not actually cutting down on how many deviations you can submit.

What we are changing is something regarding spam. If anyone tries to submit over a total of six deviations in one day, all of them will be denied.

In other words, if you submit six or less, three will be accepted the first day, and the others will be accepted the next day. If you submit seven or more, none of them will be accepted.

Of course, this doesn't mean that we actually want you to submit over three... You'll still have to wait. We're still ironing things out a bit, so if anything else changes, we'll be sure to let you know.

...Oh, and thanks, Latias-Eevee, for moving the rules right there to the top of the page. :meow:

Also, don't forget about the April assignment: the-colors-of-blue.deviantart.…
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Submitted on
April 4, 2010