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Sorry about there being no March assignment...Halfway through the month before we remembered...^^;

So for this month: cats! :meow:  Don't forget that in Shin Makoku that cats sound like sheep :sheepish: (Baa!; Meh!/Mee!) and the sound that Earth cats make is that of a type of dragon to people there. :fuzzydemon:(Meow!)

Inspired in part by the extra story at the end of the 5th volume of the manga.  Please adopt Gwen's kitties and save them from Anissana!  Meanwhile on Earth..."Pick me up" waves from the cat in the box indeed Yuuri.~

Don't forget about April holidays.~


Also from looking around various KKM sites I have found that Wolfram's birthday is in spring.  No month or day,  mazoku live so long that birthdays don't really matter is the explanation given (after their 16th anyways, plus Shin Makoku has a different calender).

If anyone knows when any of the other character's birthday's (not counting Yuuri's, it is known) or an "official" fan birthday, please tell us!

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