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Blue Color Drabble: Kyou Kara Maou</b>

Has any one noticed?
The color Blue hiding
And yet not hiding
Plentiful in Kyou Kara Maou?

Let’s start with the obvious:
Blue skies almost constant
Blue in the pendant Conrad gives to Yuuri
Blue in the uniforms Wolfram, his subordinates, and his uncle are wearing
Blue in the eyes of Gwendal, Anissina, Yozac, and the Shinou
Blue in the aura around Yuuri when he goes into “Maou Mode”
Blue in all the water
Blue in Julia’s and her brother’s hair, eyes, and clothes
Blue in Shou Shimaron’s flags

Some are less obvious:
Other than silver, blue also represents the moon (Murata)
Yuuri’s favorite baseball team (and his own in Shin Makoku) has blue in the uniforms
Yuuri is a “Marriage Blue” kind of person (nervous about marriage)
Blood of nobles and arisocrates was at one point believed to be blue in color (blue blood)

Sometimes in a mixture:
Within the green of the eyes of Celi, Wolfram, and Valtrana with yellow, there is blue
Within the green of Gwendal and his subordinate’s uniforms with yellow, there is blue
Within the browns of Conrad with yellow and red, there is blue
Within the royal blacks with all other colors, there is blue

So much blue
One simply can’t
Find it with
Just one’s own
Memories and on
One’s own
:pokeball:~Latias-Eevee: ...Kind of...I'm not sure how to put it...I might have looked to much into it...I might have went deeper than I understand, or not...It could use some work...a lot...just a drabble and not really meant to be anything real nice/correctly written.
POETICxDEATH Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
Why is everything blue... because secretly... it means
he is to forever be with WOLFRAM ^.^
The-Colors-Of-Blue Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2009
Of course :D
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